The Taco Tragedy
Metrix painting on Sinko Dee Myoh's taco recipe
Published: June 12th, 2014
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Series: Silly's Zexal
Episode #: 14
Season: 1
# in season: 14

The Taco Tragedy is an episode of Silly's Zexal. Sinko Dee Myoh's special taco recipe is accidentally ruined by Metrix, so he tries to find a solution.




Silly, Lily, Peep, and Chris are celebrating Cinco de Mayo at The Awesome Webkinz Wiki with Mexican food, and Silly decides to write a Cinco de Mayo-themed Silly's Zexal.

Sinko Dee Myoh is excited because it's his favorite day of the year, Cinco de Mayo. He runs downstairs, only to find that Metrix used his special taco recipe to paint on.

At Ugly Hair Man's House, Ugly Hair Man and Awkward Iceman are talking when Sinko Dee Myoh shows up, desperately asking for Ugly Hair Man's help. They duel and Ugly Hair Man beats Sinko with ease and refuses to help. Sinko Dee Myoh tries asking Whale, Tuna, Flowery Bugeyes and more for help, but has no luck there either.

Sinko returns to Metrix's Tower, where he asks his brothers to help. They go to the kitchen, where they get random stuff from the fridge and make it into a taco. After finishing it using the Super Taco Machine, the brothers find out it smells horrible and pass out from the smell.

Suddenly, Team Downsize arrives, and Downsized Downsizer of Downsizeness steals the taco and eats it, before malfunctioning and exploding, leaving the Downsizer Grunts to pick up the mess and rebuild their leader.


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