Silly's Yu-Gi-Oh! is an upcoming spinoff of Silly's Zexal that will begin in Summer 2014. Not much is known about it, other than there will be two new Millennium Items in the possession of Silly and Downsized Downsizer of Downsizeness.



Silly's Yu-Gi-Oh! was announced sometime in the Winter/Spring of 2014, and later received a promotional poster on June 5th, 2014, showing two new Millennium Items, the Millennium Chocolate Bar and Millennium Bowler Hat, along with Yami Silly and Yami Downsizer in the shadows. Silly's Yu-Gi-Oh! finally began on October 6th, 2015.

List of episodesEdit

No. in season No. in series Title Published
1 1 Downsize Duel in Domino! October 6, 2015
Team Downsize starts a new branch in Domino City after Downsized Downsizer of Downsizeness accidentally clones himself.