Downsizer Grunts
Full Name: Downsizer Grunts
Gender: Male
Downsized Downsizer of Downsizeness
Professional Information
  Members of Team Downsize
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Week o' Whale

Downsizer Grunts are characters in Silly's Zexal and Silly's Yu-Gi-Oh!. They are members of Team Downsize and follow Downsized Downsizer of Downsizeness. They give Downsized Downsizer of Downsizeness everything he wants, and they function as his battle troops. There are at least ten hundred thousand million of these grunts. They have learned to merge together to form different objects.

Downsizer Grunts 1 and 2Edit

Downsizer Grunt 1 and Downsizer Grunt 2 are the most common Downsizer Grunts that appear in Silly's Zexal, and are slightly a higher rank above all the other grunts.

There are also Downsizer Grunts 1 and 2 in Silly's Yu-Gi-Oh!, but they are separate characters, and so far, less important.


Silly's ZexalEdit

Silly's Yu-Gi-Oh!Edit